Property system: Out with the old and in with an optimal combo

We caught Per Brantsing-Karlsson and Josefin Wallo in the act and asked them to explain a little about what is happening right now in real estate systems. Some are approaching and at the same time the trend is to move towards more and specialized applications, rather than a single system that should be good at everything. What does this mean for property companies, and how can Ekan help?

When things get a little complicated, it is important to take help from those who have been involved in resolving similar situations in the past. In this short film, Per and Josefin talk about how we at Ekan work and what roles we take when central operational systems need to be replaced, and replaced with an optimized suite of applications.

Ekan Management's Per Brantsing Karlsson and Josefin Wallo describe what Ekan can do and what roles we take on system changes, this time in the property industry