The region's midwife receptions strengthen businessmanhood

Region Västra Götaland was in the fall of 2016 before the introduction of care selection in midwifery. In order to be prepared for competitive outsourcing and continue to be an attractive business in the eyes of customers, Närhälsan's midwives decided to develop a business strategy and anchor the strategy in the business through training for all managers.

"We want to continue to be the obvious choice within reproductive and sexual health for women and couples in Västra Götaland”Says Monika Bondesson, primary care manager. "For that to be the case, it is important that we continue to continuously develop our business, regardless of care choice or not. Our managers and employees need to have good conditions in order to meet the customers with quality and high competence".

Ekan Management received the privilege of project management and support in both the development of the midwife's business strategy and in training all managers in business. "It has been an exciting journey to be part of. Well-being midwives are now well-equipped to face any competition. We are confident that they will exceed customer expectations by offering services that are in demand in a professional and easily accessible way”Says Petra Lundgren, project manager Ekan Management.

If you want to know more about the work, contact Petra Lundgren, Project Manager Ekan Management. 031-761 60 11

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