Reinforcement in Economics and BI

It is with great pleasure that we strengthened our Stockholm team through the recruitment of Minni Raij. Minni has over 25 years of experience in financial and business management, of which 15 years as a consultant. She has broad experience from various industries and activities in the financial field, both in the private and public sectors.

Evelina Kambre Öberg, Head of Region Stockholm, says that “Minni has a very strong combination of competencies with great demand from our customers today. On the one hand, she carries with her a solid experience of procurement and implementation of system solutions for decision support and business management, and in addition she has a broad competence and experience in financial administration where she has had both personnel responsibility and acted as project manager. This makes Minni a sought after consultant when it comes to leading change and creating tangible results ”.

About his new context, Minni says:

“I chose to apply Ekan because it is a consulting company with a personal touch and a clear message. I am already involved in Ekan assignments at Com Hem and IL Recycling and look forward to working with other talented Ekan consultants. In this way, we together contribute to development opportunities for our customers. "

Minni loves to work out and is happy to be out in nature at various sports activities. She has an SM gold in the drawer from a long career as a slalom skater. It was through the sport that she found her drive and applied many of the methods she learned during her racing career in the areas in which she is active today.

The press release was sent with Mynewsdesk