Rikard Olsson on Management Innovation at Business Control Forum 2015

On Thursday, May 21, Mercur's User Day - Business Control Forum 2015 - took off. Ekan Management's Rikard Olsson was invited as a guest lecturer. Rikard's red thread was about the importance of not only managing the business from an economic perspective - but what can be absolutely crucial to a company's success is in the way the business is managed and in what way it is innovative in its way of managing and managing - what we call Management Innovation.

He also talked about the importance of goal management where goals other than financial are included. Rikard emphasized in particular the importance of defining WHAT to achieve and WHY it should be measured.

Rikard both challenged, involved and created thoughts on how to achieve goal management in the audience. The lecture was both entertaining and interesting and the audience also got a number of insightful laughs. Hopefully, ideas were also raised about how the management and management of our own operations can be challenged and developed.

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