This is how the Internet of Things affects the real estate industry

On Wednesday, May 6, 50 committed participants from the housing and real estate industry gathered at Chalmers Teknikpark to listen to and discuss five lectures on Internet of Things (IoT) in the property. The participants represented a broad spectrum of the industry with everything from owners and managers to architects and suppliers.

The speakers were selected so that they would also represent a good breadth in the industry and give a clearer picture of what the trends around IoT look like in the industry today.


HSB Living Lab - Shea Hagy, Project Manager
Shea Hagy presented Living Lab's visionary goals in combination with concrete plans for the project.

Shea discussed how we will live in the future and the importance of creating flexible forms of housing to adapt housing to a changing world. The basic idea of Living Lab's design, in addition to being a living laboratory where you study the behavioral patterns of residents over a long period of time, is to work with modules that can be changed and corrected to fit changing needs. Shea sees the construction industry as slow moving and conservative, which is a major challenge.

Gothenburg Energy - Dan Bergman, Business Developer Energy Services
Dan gave us their picture of how the connected property can be monitored and managed to optimize energy and resources - inspiring ideas about opportunities in the connected property.

Gothenburg Energy has come a long way in its work of following up and monitoring heat in real estate and housing. Dan gave us many insights about existing and future uses regarding how to lower their costs and streamline their heating through the connected property.

Chalmers and HSB Living Lab - Christian Marx researchers in multi-sensor technology
Christian is very involved in the project with the thousands of sensors to be installed inside the HSB Living Lab.

Christian gave us an inspiring journey from highly detailed technology to the possibilities sensory monitoring gives us in terms of control and control. He successfully explained how sensors in the right places can help to really optimize the use of premises and create an understanding of how we use the various functions of the property. The examples ranged from the use of an office to how a refrigerator can be adapted to reduce energy consumption during, for example, cooking when you open and close the door many times during a period.

Electrolux Professional Laundry - Patrik Gunnarsson Product Specialist and Bo-Lennart Jonasson Category Manager
Patrik Gunnarsson and BO-lennart Jonason both have long experience of how to create the connected laundry room and how it creates value for the entire property.

Patrik and Bo-Lennart provided an entertaining and informative dialogue that contributed with relevant thoughts on the laundry's role in the home and how its development creates both security and value for the residents. We got a review of how technology development has gone from a handwritten note to a digital portal that creates new opportunities for security and well-functioning maintenance. They also talked about how the idea of the laundry room has evolved over the years and what new opportunities and challenges they are facing, ranging from avoiding theft of clothes to how adjustments are made to suit the preferences of the residents.

Ekan Management - Rikard Olsson senior management consultant, former chief controller at AstraZeneca
Rikard is a driving force in innovative thinking about governance and management with long experience of changing how we view planning and follow-up.

Rikard tied the afternoon together by reflecting on the connected property in relation to the latest trends in governance and management. Rikard discussed how businesses using the new technology can move from development to meet competitors to setting the standard themselves on the market. An entertaining and insightful reflection that challenged many of the participants to think new.

The afternoon ended with a mingle over a simpler meal and many interesting ongoing discussions.

The form and topics created an interesting forum where new contacts were created and new thoughts were aroused. Several participants asked us to repeat this seminar later in order to follow developments in the industry and IoT in general.

Big thanks to you who participated and welcome back next time!

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