This is how a sustainable finance function works

On May 22 at 8:30-9:30 we drive and Economy webinar on the topic The (un)sustainable economic function. The webinar is free of charge and is aimed at those of you who have an interest or responsibility for the financial function of the future, perhaps in a leading position in finance, staff, or in strategic personnel/skill supply. Notification>

Has the finance function fallen behind in terms of development? Despite the fact that large parts of a finance department's traditional tasks are well-suited to digitalisation, we can state that many still work as they did 20 years ago. With changing requirements and expectations, this is not sustainable.

Last years heart rate measurement from Ekonomy showed that only 46% of the CFOs surveyed believe they can maintain their current workload without it negatively affecting their health in the long term.

In a situation with long working days and a high level of stress, it is not easy to break away from the realities of everyday life in order to shape a better situation in the future. But we know it has to be done. To create the right conditions, development is required in three overarching areas:

• Organization
• Digitization
• Competence development

Welcome to take part in EQonomy's study and Ekan Management's experiences of both problems and solutions to these questions. 

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