Ekan Management join ranks with Hack the Crisis in the fight against current challenges

When the opportunity to contribute at this weekend's hackathon Hack the Crisis  presented it self, Mattias Karlsson, Niclas Hjerdin and Knut Fahlén at Ekan Management were not late to sign up.

- We believe that events like this can result in innovations that shape tomorrow's reality. Not solely IT-related or linked to the ongoing pandemic. We believe that new ideas may emerge to make organizations more prepared for the next crisis, but also ready to switch up when the crisis is over, says Knut Fahlén, management consultant, Ekan Management.

- Development of ways lead, manage and collaborate may need to be done in synch with digitalization. There should be some good results, when experts from various fields think together. It can concern how we collect and disseminate information or create the conditions for resilience. We have experienced a number of "revolutions" and progressed in the development of society - agricultural, industrial and today's knowledge society. Companies and societies of the future have to be better at adapting to external changes. Not least to globalization, but also to digitalization and new economic realities.

You're not hackers, are you? What can you contribute with, as management consultants?

- As mentioned above, many different thoughts are required in order to progress. All change also requires adapted control and management systems. Today everything is challenged, including this. We hope to be able to contribute with ideas about how governance and management models can cope, not only with the crisis, but with the new reality that is already here. The crisis has only made shortcomings more visible, says Mattias Karlsson, management consultant, Ekan Management.

- There may also be a need for new business models that can handle the crisis, or thoughts on how organizations can collaborate in different ways around resources, business and technology. Business collaboration means that the sum of the whole is greater than the parts. Obviously, just focusing on the technology is not enough and this is where we can contribute with our outside view to challenge others, adds Niclas Hjerdin, management consultant, Ekan Management.

About Hack the Crisis

On March 26, the government decided that this year's national hackathon "Hack for Sweden" should be focusing on the ongoing corona crisis, hence the name "Hack the crisis". The hackathon starts today, April 3, and ends on April 6. Everything happens online and many areas are covered, like digital infection tracking, sharing of critical resources or support for the isolated. The initiative is parallelled in many other countries as well, since the issue is global. There are three different tracks: Save businesses, Save communities and Save lives. You can join as an individual or as a team. Niclas, Knut and Mattias has created a team focused on saving businesses.

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