Ekan Management at KOMMEK

August 20-21 it is time for KOMMEK, the country's leading meeting place for economists and decision makers in municipalities, county councils and regions. Ekan Management will be in place in booth F07. This spring stand you will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities in the public sector. We help you and your organization create greater efficiency in the business and support you in reaching your goals by Challenge, Involve and Realize.

It is important to be prepared for the future, which means different types of change. Today, the economist should be an analyst, educator, developer, change agent and adviser - preferably at the same time. Without losing the finances. Then it is important to find the right skills development to develop a professional role and knowledge in a demanding environment. One way to do this is through education. Ekan Management cooperates with, among other things The Association of Swedish Municipal Economists  (Kef) in the implementation of a skills development program aimed at economists in the municipality and county councils. More than 600 economists have joined the program and in the autumn additional rounds will start.

Folktandvården, Region Västra Götaland, the world's second largest dental organization, is a good example of an organization that has gone from word to act to ensure efficient and effective operations in the future. This has been done through long-term and targeted development work in collaboration with Ekan Management. If you want to hear more about this work, you have the opportunity to attend a lunch seminar in connection with KOMMEK on August 21 on the theme "The link between development work and results - How Folktandvården achieves strategic goals through development-oriented management ”. In addition, there is the opportunity to talk to representatives from Folktandvården in our booth.

We are happy to share more about this and much more during two intense and inspiring days.

Welcome to booth F07!

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