Ekan official representative for Beyond Budgeting in Sweden

As of August 2013, management consulting company Ekan has been given the confidence to constitute Beyond Budgeting Institutes, BBI's, official representative in Sweden. The collaboration also means that Dag Larsson, CEO of Ekan, is part of the network Core team responsible for developing and managing the network's overall ideas, solutions and experiences.

Dag says that "We are very proud of this award and see it as a receipt for a strenuous effort to develop, on an international basis, new forms of management and governance that are in line with today's challenges".

Beyond Budgeting Round Table was founded in 1998 by researchers Robin Fraser and Jeremy Hope, who also wrote the book Beyond Budgeting® (2003). The cohesive link in the network consists of a common desire to change the member companies' management system to better operate in today's dynamic business environment.

With the establishment of Beyond Budgeting Institute new opportunities are created by enabling more individuals and organizations to share the ideas, solutions and experiences of the international network. The news includes individual memberships and open conferences
for non-members.

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