Seminar on the connected property

On May 6, it's time for one free seminar to discuss the property in a connected world. We start off with HSB Living Lab's visionary ideas about sustainable living. Together with the academy and the real estate industry with stakeholders, we look forward to a rewarding and developing conversation.

The afternoon runs between 15:00 and 17:00 and ends with the possibility of further discussions and contact over light consumption.

The afternoon speakers are as follows:

  • Shea Hagy from HSB Living Lab talks about thinking outside the traditional framework when it comes to housing and property management (presentation will be in English).
  • Christian Marx from Chalmers is a researcher in multi-sensor technology and how it can be used in control. He is involved in the work with the thousands of sensors that record everything that happens inside the HSB Living Lab (presentation will be in English).
  • Patrik Gunnarsson and Bo-Lennart Jonasson from Electrolux Professional Laundry has since the early 90's worked with questions about how parts of the property can be intelligently integrated and protected to create a transparency and support with the base in the laundry room and its general functions.
  • Dan Bergman from Gothenburg Energy will talk about the connected building and how it can fit into the energy system today and in the future.
  • Rikard Olsson from Ekan Management highlights the latest trends in governance and management based on the new opportunities.

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