Smart information management at the Local Government

On Kvalitetsmässan, which takes place in Gothenburg November 3-6, says Ingemar Bogestad from local government into The City of Gothenburg about how they have streamlined their information management through developed processes and new system support for drawing management.

local government The City of Gothenburg manages, adapts and builds premises and accommodation for the City of Gothenburg's operations. With premises of more than 2 million square meters and 5 million square meters of associated land, Local Government is one of Sweden's largest managers of public premises.

After a completed implementation of a new property system and project management system, the Local Government also needed to review its drawing management and technical documentation. A feasibility study showed the need for a new system support.

The management team's desire for a new system was to:

  • reduce administration,
  • better use the drawing information,
  • collect all technical documentation in one place, as well
  • achieve a faster flow of information from project to management

In addition, you saw a saving in using a system instead of two that you had done before. These impact goals became the starting point for requiring, procuring and implementing a new drawing management system as a cloud service.

Ingemar Bogestad says that:

"The project has resulted in a whole new way of working in drawing management and technical documentation. Today, many more employees are involved in the process than before. In this way, we achieve efficient information management between projects and management and the information that flows between the different systems. Ekan Management has been a support throughout the process and has always worked to challenge us but also to help us realize our wishes and needs. "

Come and listen to Ingemar Bogestad at Kvalitetsmässan on November 4th at 10: 00-10: 30. Ingemar describes how they have undertaken a change journey where they have procured and implemented a new drawing system, and where new working methods and roles have made the system an even more business-critical system than before.

Location: The scene with the theme of leadership & development in B-hall plan 1.

Ekan Management you will meet in booth B04: 09 about 10 meters from the stage. Stay tuned to discuss system procurement, processes and roles, among other things!

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