Standard simplifies the purchase of management consultants

Now there is a European standard for how management consulting companies can describe their services in a clear and uniform manner. The purpose is to improve transparency and understanding between clients and management consulting companies. This should lead to better results from consulting assignments and reduce barriers to cross-border trade in management consulting services. With increased clarity, it becomes easier to compare different companies and it provides safer procurement. Sweden and SIS has been a driving force in international work within CEN, the European Standardization Organization. The standard is called Management consulting services SS-EN 16114: 2011.

- Everyone benefits from a common structure in the procurement of management consulting services. We hope that the new standard will increase the understanding that the services are based on openness, collaboration and exchange of skills between buyers and sellers. The purpose is for the assignment to be carried out in an effective manner based on the actual conditions that apply in the individual case in order to realize the objective of the assignment. Greater openness gives a more efficient process that becomes cheaper for both buyers and sellers, says Lars Aspling of the trade association Sweden's Management Consultants (SAMC) who has been a Swedish representative and expert in the technical committee who for three years worked on the drafting of the new European standard.

Ekan's CEO Dag Larsson is chairman of the trade association Sweden's Management Consultants since January 1, 2012. Read also about the news on Ekan's website.

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