Support for business governance in the field of Public Health

Närhälsan is responsible for the public-run primary care in Västra Götaland and has over 100 health centers in the region. Since 2009, the business has been exposed to competition, which means that we as residents of the region can freely choose which health center we go to. In order to create good conditions for health center managers to run successful and profitable health centers together with the employees, the management of the National Health Initiative took the initiative to develop a tool to support the managers. Ekan Management was commissioned to develop this tool support together with a selected project group at Närhälsan.

The result was a model and a tool where managers themselves, and together with employees, can simulate different scenarios in the business. For example, it can be about simulating what it means;

  • if we manage to recruit x number of new patients,
  • if we make y number of visits of a certain kind, or
  • if we focus on quality improvements.

The result of the joint work was an educational and simple simulation tool where the health centers receive a very clear and direct link between changes in the business and economic effects. This means that discussions and decisions about change will be well supported and understood by both managers and employees. This strengthens the entire business's ability to put energy on the changes that bring the greatest benefit and in the long term strengthens the company's profitability and thus the long-term ability to develop.

The Director of Health, Per Nyström, states that:

- The model has really come into great use and it has helped to increase the understanding of how business and economics are linked to a health care center. It is an important foundation for being able to conduct as successful a business as possible.

If you want to know more about the work, contact Rikard Olsson (Responsible Strategy & Business Management) or Petra Lundgren (Project Manager) at Ekan Management., 031-761 60 25,, 031-761 60 11

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