Ekan is holding a seminar on follow-up research at the Spreading Conference on November 27

An important part of all projects is the evaluation and follow-up of set goals. Traditional evaluation is usually done after a completed project. However, follow-up research, or learning evaluation as it is also called, takes place continuously throughout the course of the project or process, with continuous feedback to the organization and participants.

Ekan AB has extensive experience in follow-up research and will hold a seminar on follow-up research at Dissemination Conference on November 27th. Anna Segerberg and Petter Spanne are management consultants and experienced follow-up researchers at management consulting company Ekan AB. They will describe what follow-up research is and how it works, what benefits and added value a project can have from an external follow-up researcher, and what projects should consider when it is time to procure follow-up research.

Dissemination Conference will be held November 27-28 at the Swedish Exhibition Center in Gothenburg and will be arranged through a collaboration between the City of Gothenburg's City of Helsinki integration project and the Swedish Exhibition Center. The conference aims to lift complementary project experiences, create dialogue between ongoing projects and simplify new projects. The target group for the conference is Project Manager and Project Participants. Funders and Reference Groups, Consultants, Educational Organizers, Follow-up Researchers and others who support the projects in different ways, Decision makers who benefit from taking part in effects and Media.

Ekan's seminar will take place on November 27 at 15:15. To register for the conference, read more here

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