Ekan educates at the Technological Institute

Ekan Management has in recent years provided a very appreciated course in strategic process management in property management.

Through strategic process management, the company can increase its value creation of discontinued work, reduce unnecessary work, set and follow up goals in relation to a decided strategy, etc.

The course is aimed at people who are responsible for the process management of their company or who work with processes in property management, either today or in the future. This can be the administration manager, manager, technical manager, development manager, process manager, process owner or the like.

The course includes:

* Basic processes

* Levels of process orientation

* Strategic process development

* Organization around a process work

* Control and management

* Follow-up of processes, objectives and key figures

* Improvement work

* Power take-off

* Prerequisites for successful implementation

* Management of processes in the business

* Process modeling, automation / case management

* Practical exercises and examples from reality (hiring process, error reporting, etc.)

Now the course has been taken up in Technological Institute course program. This means that registration for the course is now done on the Technological Institute's website. 

Here you will find information about when the course is given. Hope we'll see each other!

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