The book that challenges traditional governance in the public sector

Knut Fahlén, Doctor of Business Administration and senior management consultant at Ekan Management, has previously attracted international attention for his books on Beyond budgeting in practice and Dynamic Management Strategy. They present an alternative to traditional governance and is based on an agile approach to governing and managing business, finance and people. The applicabilty of the approach has been challenged by representatives within the public sector, regarding the special surcumstances prevailing there. Here comes the answer in the form of Knut's third book (only available in swedish for now), Situation-adapted Financial and Business Management - Trust, efficiency and governance.

In this book, Knut describes the complexity of being governed by laws and regulations while the business must effectively produce services for the benefit of citizens and the general public. The concepts of trust-based governance and New Public Management (NPM) are discussed. With theoretical and practical examples, traditional budget management is challenged and alternatives to meet cost-effectiveness requirements and service quality are presented.

The book is written for anyone function as a manager and leader or who work with financial and operational management in the public sector. The book is released on September 28 and is available to order from Komlitt Förlag.

Does your business need an injection to realize the agile financial and business management of tomorrow? Contact Knut Fahlén and ignite the change.

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