Time for a new financial or business system?

In the end, all so-called "IT projects" are about developing the business. Therefore, the business and its needs should always form the basis for the procurement of a new IT system. This basis, in order for the introduction to be successful, should be laid down already in the preparation of requirements specification and procurement documentation. This is especially critical if the procurement takes place within the framework of The Public Procurement Act (LOU), when it places higher demands on the selection and evaluation process and when deviations can lead to major financial consequences.

It is crucial for both system choice and implementation to involve all stakeholders in the work, from management level to end users. The questions are many. Which form of procurement should we choose? What are the objectives? How should the system support the work processes? What information should be handled in the system? What reports does management demand? In what system should we follow up goals and financial results? How do we ensure ongoing financial administration and reporting while thinking ahead? How should we handle the transition to the new system?

As an independent consultant, we at Ekan have extensive experience in procurement and implementation of financial and operational systems within the framework of LOU through a large number of successful projects. Right now, in the role of the client's agent, we manage the project, among other things:

  • Procurement and introduction of a new financial and operational system,
  • Procurement and implementation of a new operating system in social services, care and care for 15000 users,
  • Procurement and introduction of support for electronic invoice management and purchasing,
  • Review of financial model and procurement and introduction of billing systems,
  • Building the entire IT environment from the foundation of one of Sweden's largest real estate companies,
  • Acquires and implements a new financial system for one of Sweden's largest property owners,
  • Development and implementation of Enterprise Datawarehouse (EDW) and procurement and implementation of a new CRM for one of Sweden's largest electricity grid companies,
  • Introduction of a new operating system in the healthcare sector,

Contact Ekan if you are interested in more information about the entire process from mapping to introducing a new system and about procurement according to LOU.

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