Meet Ekan Management in Almedalen 16.00 on Friday 3 July

Ekan Management's Stockholm Manager, Evelina Kambre Öberg, participates in a panel debate on Friday regarding LoU's impact on small business owners. The debate is organized by the Swedish Small Business Association. The Swedish management consulting industry consists to a very large extent of small businesses and Evelina also represents the trade organization Sweden's Management Consultants.

We at Ekan Management have many competent consultants and small business owners in our network and often meet the challenges they face. Evelina's contribution to the debate will include thoughts on obstacles, challenges and possible solutions to create better conditions in public procurement of Management consulting services for small business owners, but also major players in the industry.

The debate will take place in the Öresund House at Donners place at 16.00-17.00 on Friday, July 3. Read more about the debate on the Small Businesses website.