Meet Ekan Management at Business Management 2.0

Ekan Management has been a partner for the conference Business Management 2.0 for many years and this time we also contribute with a conference in the form of Rikard Olsson, senior management consultant at Ekan. The conference will be held on March 16 and, just like last year, the implementation will be digital.

Malin Wennebro and Kerstin Ollesson at Ekan Management participate as speakers. They will talk on the theme "How do we create a governance that goes in step with reality - a reality in continuing major adjustment and change?"

Kerstin Olleson, senior management consultant and responsible for the CFO office at Ekan, what is your most important message?

- The rapid change that the world is in the midst of means that companies must work with their finances and operational management in a way that supports constant, rapid change. It's time to let go of the annual budget process, management against the calendar year and a management based on account and cost center. There are methods, processes and technical platforms that make change possible - but it is important to dare to step into the future with a more dynamic management that is adapted to the rhythm, needs and environment of your own company.

What are the biggest challenges to deal with to get started?

- I have long been amazed that most companies are stuck in a budget process that was created when industrialization was new, there was not a single computer and we still primarily transported ourselves by horse and cart. I think the biggest challenge is that change involves resistance. It is not only the budget process itself that needs to change, but the entire management philosophy. But today's reality and challenges can no longer be met with 20th century medicine. It simply doesn't work anymore.

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