Trust-based governance is a hot issue at KOMMEK

Last week was Ekan Management in place during this year's edition of KOMMEK, the country's leading meeting place in finance and governance for municipalities, county councils and regions. Two inspiring days where we met both familiar and new customers and talked about opportunities and assignments for the future.

One of the main themes of the fair, trust-based governance, is based on a collection of methods to increase trust in users and user-meeting professional groups, developed by trust Delegation. Many exhibitors visited Ekan Management's booth to discuss opportunities and challenges for their particular operations. More than 300 people participated in our survey where we asked the question; Which area has the greatest potential for trust-based governance, you think? Most votes got customer satisfaction and quality of business, closely followed by work environment and employee satisfaction. Several participants also felt that in the longer term there is great potential in the third alternative economy through better management of resources. Here you can read more about the result and our reflections

On the same theme, Ekan Management teamed up with Dawn care and Boras city an appreciated seminar - "Confidence in Practice". During the seminar, concrete examples were presented of how trust-based management and governance look in practice based on leadership, collaboration and financing models.

During Thursday, the lunch seminar was organized "To be the best or to be better?" together with the county council network Best Service, focusing on the development work carried out by the network in order to increase the exchange of experience and knowledge transfer between the country's hospitals. By moving the focus from gathering a variety of process metrics, to collecting and working with fewer and relevant key figures, the work has created room for learning and greater participation from the line's employees and experts.

KOMMEK testifies to new ways of managing and developing its operations and we at Ekan Management look forward to realizing many of these together with existing and new customers.

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