Webinar with Gary Hamel on "Humanocracy"

In collaboration with Beyond Budgeting Round Table (BBRT), Ekan Management invites friends and clients to a free webinar with Professor Gary Hamel on 17 August at 16-17.

Gary Hamel has been ranked as "the most influential business thinker" by Wall Street Journal and described by Fortune as "the world's greatest in business strategy". In this webinar, he will share his and Michele Zaninis' insights from the research that is also presented in their new book, “Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them”.

In the book, Hamel and Zanini argue for shifting the focus from the organization's bureaucracy to something better that provides more value. During the webinar, they will provide practical examples of how to create organizations that are as inspiring and amazing as the people in them.

Along the way, you will learn:

  • Why today's lack of commitment in the workplace is a result of how people are guided in their work;
  • How to flatten the organizational hierarchy, distribute influence and release the ingenuity of each employee;
  • The big problem with too many managers;
  • How struggling organizations can remain resilient in difficult times;
  • What employees and organizations can do to break free from the bureaucratic structure
Hamel and Zanini estimate that a transition from bureaucracy to "Humanocracy" would save billions of dollars, unleash the power of innovation and increase employees' emotional and financial returns on their labor.
Do you want to participate? Register by email to info@bbrt.org

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