Webinar on value-creating decision-making

In recent years, the volume of information that we have to deal with in both private and working life has completely exploded. At the same time, we often have less time to sort through all this information. For people in senior and senior management positions, this situation results in a great deal of frustration over a lot of time and effort put into reporting. In addition, all too often with unclear purpose.

During this webinar Rikard Olsson and Helena Blomberg will be from Ekan Management describe how you can take you from an abundance of information to value-creating decision bases. Among other things, they address the following issues:

  • How do we create reports that guide us in our business-critical decisions?
  • How do we know when we spend a reasonable amount of time creating and managing the information - resources versus benefits?
  • How do we avoid discussions about whether the information is correct or whose information is the correct one?
  • How do we create reports that are easily accessible and easy to understand?

The webinar is free of charge but requires advance registration. For more information follow the link.


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