Webinar on proactive management

Increased pace of change, globalization and digitalisation are placing increasing demands on companies and organizations to deal with complexity and unpredictability. In this new reality, anticipation and readiness to act becomes increasingly important. Increased understanding of the business's predictability and responsiveness enables better forecasting quality and the right balance between business risk and financial risk. This creates the conditions for being able to make insightful decisions and act in time for changes.

During this web lecture, Knut Fahlén and Malin Wennebro, Ekan Management, to highlight experiences and methods that enable a proactive governance adapted to the company's business environment.

It includes questions such as:
- What does the revenue and cost structure look like?
- What predictability is there on the revenue side?
- What reaction capability do we have on the cost side?
- Do we have the right balance between business risk and financial risk?
- What does proactive governance mean and how do we get rid of the traditional budget's lock-in effects?

Follow the link for registration:

Proactive governance adapted to the business environment, April 20

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