Visited breakfast seminar!

On Thursday, December 8, around 80 managers, controllers and economics students gathered in the Volvo Hall at the Gothenburg School of Economics to listen to Malin Wennebro, management consultant at Ekan and Christian Ax, Professor of Business Administration.

The topic of the day was Modern Business Management, which was initially presented by Malin.

- Modern business management is about adaptation. As the market and the outside world change, business and business processes must follow. Then it is also necessary to review how we lead the organization and make decisions. As it becomes increasingly difficult to identify unique business models that are stable over time, there is an ever greater competitive advantage in the organisation's ability to create symbiosis between management model and business model.

Malin then reported the results of the survey conducted by Business Controllers that Ekan had conducted in the autumn. Here, among other things, it appears that a vast majority of companies believe that the development of models, processes and tools for management and control is a prerequisite for maintaining competitiveness. We also note that we have a bit left to the vision of the controller organization as an internal Business partner. Today's Business Controllers experience themselves as analysts, experts and controllers in the organization while describing the desirable role with analysts, coaches and challengers.

Christian Ax then took over and started with a review of the development of financial management innovations. Christian then went on to present new research findings that show a strong connection between the company culture and the organization's tendency to adopt new innovations. There is talk of an agreement between Organizational culture and Concept culture:

“A concept is compatible with an organization's culture when the values and beliefs that are normally desirable for effective use of the practice are similar to relevant shared values and beliefs of organizational participants”

See below for each speaker's presentation.

A big thank you to everyone who was there and who contributed with interesting reflections, posts and questions.

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