Well-attended seminars on good economics and quality of care

Local health in the Västra Götaland region and Ekan Management organized in the spring two well-attended seminars on the educational tool for visualizing revenue and costs that were developed in spring 2016. The purpose of the tool is to easily enable managers and employees to understand and discuss the link between remuneration systems and the company's income and costs.

The seminars began with a joint breakfast and mingle and we continued to listen to Petra Lundgren, Ekan Management and Emma Eriksson and Glenn Sandvik from Närhälsan, all of whom were involved in the development of the tool.

The health monitoring of the new tool shows that a majority of the managers within Närhälsan have used the tool to simulate and discuss the company's income and costs over time, together with their staff.

“The model has been very well received by the operations managers. It provides a greater understanding of how business benefits can also be achieved through a business benefit. Finance is a reflection of the business. The model is used, among other things. in training of managers and we are convinced that it will be an important component of increased business acumen ”.

-Per Nyström, Chief Financial Officer of Health

Some of the success factors highlighted by the project group were high involvement of employees, a common starting point in simplicity and the needs of the business, and an agile working method with the possibility to make adjustments during the course of the project.

There was great interest from the participants, which was marked by questions, discussions and exchanges of experience. Being able to easily show the link between business and finance was something that many expressed as a need in their organizations.

Ekan Management thanks everyone for their committed participation and hope that we will have the opportunity to meet at similar meetings in the future.

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