When the forecast may be a forecast - and not an updated budget

May 15th Stage 1company.se a webinar with Akademiska Hus and Ekan as presenters. During the webinar you will find out how Akademiska Hus has developed its planning and follow-up process, among other things through a completely new forecasting model.

Akademiska Hus is one of Sweden's largest real estate companies with operations throughout the country, from Lund in the south to Luleå in the north. As of autumn 2012, the organization no longer takes any budget in the traditional sense. In order to enable a new way of working, a completely new model and process for forecasting has been devised. This means that the forecast can largely be created with a simple push of a button. This has resulted in large time gains and more room for analysis and discussion about forward-looking activities. But the major change mainly involves thinking in new ways about goals, forecasts and decisions about resources.

Listen to Group Controller Andreas Trolläng and Regional Controller in Stockholm, Lena Liljefors, to talk about the new way of working, its success factors and challenges.

Malin Wennebro, Management Consultant, Ekan
Andreas Trolläng, Group Controller, Akademiska Hus
Lena Liljefors, Region Controller, Akademiska Hus

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