Ekan Management new member of BIM Alliance

Ekan Management is a member of the BIM Alliance, an interest group that pursues issues for better community building through digitalisation and BIM.

BIM - Building Information Modeling - enables the handling and use of data throughout the construction process. The truth is that it gives us in the public construction sector the opportunity to take care of the various stages of the project, everything from planning to management of buildings. Despite this, there is still enormous potential for property owners to make better use of the data available through smart digitization.

David Lundkvist, management consultant in the real estate industry at Ekan Management, thinks that there are many interesting digitalisation initiatives underway in the real estate industry and is convinced that the various players in the industry have a lot to learn from each other.

- Our customers are in the whole spectrum, from PDF drawings to creating digital twins. Many are looking forward to digitizing their businesses, to improving the work of their employees and offering new in-demand services among their customers, says David Lundkvist.

As a strategic partner for these property owners, Ekan Management needs to be constantly updated and contribute with expertise that is at the forefront of digital management.

- Through a membership in BIM Alliance, we believe that we can become an even better partner for players in the industry. For us, membership becomes a way to stay up to date on what is at the forefront, when it comes to how BIM and property information can create value in real estate and community building. We want to contribute to the journey of change required to adapt to a new reality with a changed way of working and new tools, summarizes David Lundkvist.

Now we take a leap forward!         

For more information contact:

David Lundkvist, management consultant in the real estate industry, 073-830 60 33, david.lundkvist@ekan.com.