Kickstart of generative AI in the business

An upstart in staffing and recruitment contacted us to strengthen his ability to use generative AI (for example chatGPT) in their daily activities. Our education gave them that and then some.

The client: The customer is a leader in staffing and recruitment, where they are one of the fastest growing players in Sweden. Their mission is to develop companies and individuals, and to contribute to changing the industry.

The client's challenge: The customer experienced and expressed a frustration of, on the one hand, understanding enough about the field to realize the benefit and potential of generative AI (for example, ChatGPT) and, on the other hand, experiencing a lack of knowledge to realize the benefit in the business. Among other things, there was a lack of deeper understanding of using the regular function of generative AI, knowledge of what opportunities exist to develop customized functionality, and uncertainty around information security issues, etc.

Our solution: Ekan Management conducted a customized half-day training to maximize capacity with generative AI, adapted to the customer's questions. The training aimed to give the business the ability to benefit from generative AI such as:

  1. Decision support: Fast and relevant information for strategic decisions, which saves time and resources for previously demanding research.
  2. Customer Interactions: Automated customer service and support to solve problems and create personalized customer experiences.
  3. Core reports: Generation of complex reports and analyzes on demand to facilitate decision making.
  4. Draft texts: Creation of well-written texts according to the tonality and requirements of the business.
  5. Idea generation: As support and tools for generating new ideas and innovations.

Our education introduces basic AI and GPT concepts and develops the ability to formulate effective instructions (prompts). We focus on equipping participants with skills to maximize the potential of generative AI, but also to manage risks associated with information security.

The result: The customer's own words: "Before the training, we hardly knew anything about using AI at work, and it was a little scary. After the training, it feels like we are all on the same page, ready for the exciting adventure with AI as a tool. Huge difference, but above all a lot of new valuable energy!”