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Ekan Management offers tailored training to help clients maximize the benefits of generative AI and tools such as ChatGPT

Today, tools for generative AI (eg ChatGPT) are already a critical resource for companies and organizations that want to remain competitive and innovative. Although the public launch of GPT 3 (as late as November 2022) has narrowed the perceived distance to the practical everyday utility of AI, many businesses are still a bit bewildered by the suddenly improved possibilities.

Ekan Management offers tailored training in how generative AI can be used to develop work methods, streamline value creation, and future-proof productivity and innovation.

ChatGPT: One of several LLM's (large language models)

We are starting from ChatGPT here because it is the most famous of the LLM services that have been launched in 2023. It is also easily available with a large capacity completely free of charge.

But ChatGPT is, as I said, just an example - Meta's LlaMa, Alphabet's Bard are others. They are all much more than just chatty assistants. They are versatile resources that can be used for a variety of tasks in any business, provided the user has the right skills.

Value creation with generative AI

For companies and organizations that embrace AI-based ways of working, the reward will be increased productivity and innovation. These AI tools are partners that can work around the clock, never get tired and are always ready to contribute to the success of the business.

Our training focuses on helping business leaders and senior management understand how ChatGPT can be used to create value in their organizations. Here are some ways:

1. Decision support:

ChatGPT can deliver fast, cost-effective and relevant information to support strategic decisions. By formulating the right questions and prompts, users can gain insights that previously required extensive research.

2. Customer Interactions:

ChatGPT can be used to automate and improve customer service and support. It can answer common questions, solve problems, and even help with the creation of personalized customer experiences.

3. Core reports:

With the right input, ChatGPT can generate complex reports, summaries and analytics on demand, saving time and resources.

4. Draft texts:

By developing relevant prompts in a library, ChatGPT can create well-written texts in the vast majority of areas completely according to the business' requirements for character and tonality.

5. Idea generation:

Use ChatGPT as a creative partner to generate new ideas and innovations.

We offer knowledge and guidance

To take full advantage of ChatGPT requires a comprehensive understanding of how the technology works and a developed knowledge of how to formulate effective prompts and instructions. In addition, ChatGPT can be combined with other functionality in the standard Office programs that create enormous opportunities for efficiency improvement. At the same time, there are risks, not least linked to information security, which must also be managed. Our training focuses on equipping participants with these skills so they can maximize ChatGPT's potential.

The training introduces AI and GPT at a basic level, and together we define the expectations for your new resource. Next, we develop the participants' ability to create effective prompts. If you want, we will also create the basis for your prompt library.

A customer had the following to say after being visited by Hugo Bluhme:

"Before the training, we hardly knew anything about using AI at work, and it was a little scary. After the training, it feels like we are all on the same page, ready for the exciting adventure with AI as a tool. Huge difference, but above all a lot of new valuable energy!”

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