Create wonders with the information available

The world's total amount of data is doubled every 18 months. The idea is breathtaking: For the past 1.5 years we have produced as much information as in world history before. The challenge today is not to get information. The challenge is to screen and use the information in a way that creates value. Drawing system, one of the real estate industry's perhaps most underutilized system support, is an example of where information, which has always been but rarely used, now becomes useful and creates great value for real estate companies and their customers.

Often you hear sighs, wheezing and moaning when talking about drawings in the real estate industry. This is because drawings for many years have been collected in binders to an amount that is unsustainable to maintain and benefit from. What most people should know is that the drawings for a property form the whole basis of a property management company's business concept - to effectively manage housing and premises. The drawings are a reflection of the reality at the detail level and what is the basis of the business.

Real estate companies with an interest in improving efficiency have discovered that surfaces in a drawing can be introduced into the property system using standardized methods and form the basis for correct renting. By making drawings available in the work order, a technician on site in the property can repair the heat pump correctly because he has the faulty premises drawing in his PDA. With the help of information about planned maintenance from the property system, drawings are colored and become a kind of critical tool for discussing development opportunities in the property with which the customer rents. And with new customers, you scroll through and look at vacant premises because the rental status from the real estate system has updated the visual drawing register.

In our daily struggle to protect ourselves from being overwhelmed by information of unclear value, we must not forget that with imagination, clarity and innovation we probably already have all the information we need. If we use it correctly, we can create wonders - both for our customers and for ourselves.