A little hurt in the business model?

Bullying, power problems, mental illness, etc. No matter what, lots of people suffer in silence. It may be because they are ashamed, because they say that it is soon over, or because they do not know that there is help to get.

It may be that you do not consider it serious enough to spend the time and energy it takes to be treated. It may be a fear of a possible diagnosis. For some, it is in their personality to bite and endure. Most people still have a hope that things will get better over time; so you wait, and wait. In the end, the pain becomes a normal condition that you have learned to live with.

I see this every day in my job, even though I do not work in healthcare. The difference is that these people have other kinds of ailments, or in some way suffer from the organization they work in not functioning properly. There may be stress over business goals that are not achieved; irritation over system support that does not deliver what is needed; paralysis due to excessive workload; concerns over staffing cuts when profitability fails; etc

Many businesses do not come to seek help - often for the same reason as those with mental and physical disorders. Employees who accept the symptoms as a normal condition will sooner or later have to change jobs, either because of personal ill-health or that the company goes into hiding, or they are forced to undergo unpleasant treatment regimens. The activities that treat the symptoms before it escalates are far better. But the ones that work best are those who take preventive improvement measures and who never have to suffer any symptoms.

So, what is it like? Does your business also have a bit of a pain in the business model? How receptive to help are you?