The engine of business development

It turns out that my table neighbor is a woman who for 15 years has worked on bringing new business systems into the school world. Time and time again it has failed. Yet she is enthusiastic. For she KNOWs that operating systems can be the engine of a necessary development journey.

I tell you about my experiences from other industries, and we quickly find that those who decide on new systems have no idea. We are generous this evening and defend them. “Something that happens every ten years can not be experienced. They believe that it is the purchase of the systems that costs ”. She sighs, thinks it's hard to get the decision makers' ears.

As an external person, I get listened to. The truth does not have to be corrected, gets a little sharper, reaches a little further. To succeed, experience and hard work require a long time. The simple thing is to choose a system, the hard one is what comes next. To make everything work. In everyday life.

We are engulfed by the discussion in late summer night. Notes a little red about the cheeks (!) That you CAN talk about other than work. But it may be another time. She pulls on her life vest, looks for her real half, starts the engine…