What you do not have in your legs you have to have in your head

I belong to the generation that did the military duty. A common call that occurred was that "what one does not have in one's head, one must have in one's legs" and it often belonged to the individual in question being allowed to run and retrieve something that he had forgotten.

In our increasingly stressed work situation, this is often how we act. We use our legs and run faster and faster to measure with all that we have not gained or what we have forgotten. Unfortunately, unfortunately, the more we run, the more we forget and then we are stuck in an increasingly pressed spiral.

How do we turn the steak?

We probably all realize sooner or later that we will not catch up with everything that we should, which means that we consciously or unconsciously prioritize. Those who do not do this eventually break down.

What would it be like if we stopped and tried to use our heads instead of our legs? If we instead tried to discern which things are important, make conscious priorities and thus parry some other information - wouldn't it be a more attractive spiral to live in? Our legs can't handle the situation, so in order to get out of the spiral we need to find ways to let the brain regain command.

Fortunately, there is help to get if we are prepared to take it. Partly through self-study in various books (eg self-delighted in The Personal Efficiency Program by Kerry Gleeson) where there are countless wise thoughts on how to change our own personal behavior, but also by addressing the challenge of our workplace and together we work through how we can identify and prioritize what is important in an organized way. Sometimes we can do it on our own, sometimes it can be important to have an external party that can challenge our habits of thinking. Through the initial investment, we eventually have the opportunity to create a life that lasts over time.

So, stop, look down at your legs, and ask yourself if they are the ones controlling your brain or vice versa.