Anton Karlsson

Anton is a management consultant with specialist expertise in business development, safety protection, team and leader development. He is structured, calm and possessed of an ability to make things happen. Anton has a master's degree in economics from Uppsala University, which also includes some behavioral science, coaching and change management. He has previous experience in purchasing and coaching job seekers.

With over ten years of experience in change management, training and project management, Anton has successfully guided organizations through complex change processes. As a key person at Ekan Management, he has created noticeable results by developing effective strategies and implementing them with precision.

Anton is passionate about community protection and preparedness in general, as well as security protection and crisis management in particular. He prefers to work as part of a team, where his calm and structured approach creates a working climate with great social security.

Anton's solution focus, and ability to see issues from new angles and navigate through complex challenges make him an indispensable asset to any team. His social skills and ability to inspire others creates a positive work environment and promotes strong collaboration. Anton is thus not only a competent advisor but a passionate leader who drives success and sustainable growth in the contexts where he is.