Value Base game

Structure and culture that create control power

Governing power In all organizations and companies, there is an order with the purpose of describing the way to reach set goals. We often refer to this as structure. The structure consists of i.a. plans, regulations, regulations and policies - internal or external.

In order to achieve control power in an organization, the structure is important, but far from sufficient. Awareness is also required of how the organisation's culture interacts with the structure, since it is the whole that guides managers and employees in both everyday and strategic decisions and actions.

Assumptions, decisions and actions

The culture of the organization is expressed through the assumptions, decisions and actions that the manager or employee chooses to solve a situation, problem or dilemma, where the structure does not provide guidance. As a guide to our decisions and actions, we take conscious or unconscious support in our values where the prevailing culture is crucial.

The values foundation supports individuals, groups and entire organizations in highlighting the current culture and its relationship to the structure. Based on everyday examples that are adapted to your organization and everyday life, we open up to insights and discussions that create the conditions for change.

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