Target management for increased efficiency and quality in public service

What is the budget money really spent?

In many municipalities and county councils, both politicians and officials feel that the governance is not functioning effectively enough. Often there is a desire to better communicate to residents what they get for their tax money in a better and clearer way. Too much focus is often placed on negotiating money and too little focus on what the resources give to effect.

Living goal management is a successful way to create an efficient, high quality business. Unfortunately, the control power in many organizations today is lacking as goal management does not reach all the way from the political representatives to the individual employee's everyday life. The red thread is missing.

The Red Thread

The size and complexity of public operations pose a particular challenge in the creation of the holistic understanding required for individual employees to be able to see how they best contribute to effective operations of good quality. Lack of understanding and a red thread in goal management often lead to negative internal competition, dissatisfaction and sub-optimizations, which rather counteract the efficient use of resources.

Our offer

  • Mapping the current situation through review of existing target management and analysis of the organization's existing follow-up and key figures
  • Method support and practical support in designing or revising the organization's governance model
  • Method support and practical support in the process of developing and developing appropriate goals and key figures
  • Management support in the work of implementing the control model as well as realizing vision and goals through change management
  • Support in requirements, procurement and implementation of relevant IT support for the target management