Strategy-driven program management office and portfolio management

Do the right thing, and do it right

An investor assembles a portfolio based on a well-thought-out strategy, by estimating and analyzing risks, rewards, exposure to markets and the balance of the portfolio. To be competitive, a modern program office needs to have the ability to apply the same methodology in its project portfolio management and ensure that the projects are carried out in the most efficient way possible, with high delivery precision.

In reality, it is not always the case that the composition of the project portfolio is based on a solid understanding of the project's contribution to the business, the expected business value, the availability of resources and the risk that each project entails. Lack of information means that resources are often spent doing the wrong things at the wrong time.

In order to ensure that the return on the investment is improved, the projects need to be prioritised, controlled, coordinated and managed in a well-thought-out way. Only then can the expected business values be achieved and the allocated resources used in the best way.

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