Beyond budgeting at Controller 2019!

May 14 stands Knut Fahlén from Ekan Management on stage below Controller 2019 to talk about Beyond budgeting in theory and practice. Beyond budgeting, Dynamic control or Lean budgeting, is a topical topic to show how traditional annual budget management can be developed to address an uncertain environment.

Knut Fahlén will give a picture of how tight budget control can become counterproductive and how companies can situate their control models to become more dynamic in order to achieve better results.

During the day, Martin Blåvarg, corporate headquarters, will also attend Handelsbanken, talk about Handelsbanken's budget-free governance and its success. Already over 40 years ago, the company released the budget, and more and more Swedish companies are now following the example by abandoning the budget as a means of steering to instead adapt the governance models in situ. Handelsbanken is still not working on a budget, but is continually making accurate follow-ups of results with the aim of having better solutions than other banks.

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