Beyond Budgeting at the Controller Summit

November 21-22 arranged THE BUSINESS WORLD Controller Summit in Stockholm. About 60
controllers gathered to listen to exciting lectures and participate in roundtable talks related to the modern controller role.

During the second day of the event held Ekan Management Rikard Olsson a much appreciated lecture under the heading Beyond Budgeting - A forward-looking trend is changing old routines. In his presentation, Rikard was based on the new complex leadership that places increasing demands on being fast-moving and flexible in an ever-changing world. Rikard explained how management, with the help of goal management and forecasting, as an alternative to traditional budget work, can create more efficient and better decision-making tools adapted to today's reality. Rikard also showed how the concept can be applied by starting with the business's cost and revenue flows. 

The speaker list included Henrik Fellesson, Group Controller, among others Scania, who told how to introduce LEAN within its finance function, and Sofia Hultberg, CFO at Elverket Vallentuna, which talked about how the company has successfully achieved financial stability during extensive organizational change processes. Other lectures revolved around governance models, strategies for analysis and follow-up work, and leadership.

Ekan Management is Beyond Budgeting Institutes, BBI's, official representative in Sweden.

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