Digital revolution and governance with confidence

We're on Ekan Management took as usual the opportunity to be included when the Swedish government of Sweden gathered to be inspired on the theme of financial management in the state. Extra fun this year was to meet our customers with the message that we are now one of the few management consulting companies who, through a framework agreement with the Chamber of Commerce, have the opportunity to help the Swedish authorities and state companies with many of the challenges and opportunities discussed during the day.

The morning was a sign of digitalisation and was about digital visions about e-health and citizen interaction, for example, but also about the challenges and the importance of working to achieve the IT policy goals. The Digitization Commission presented, among other things, the six strategic areas that they believe should be prioritized in the digitization policy as they are areas that have and will have significance for society's digitalisation for the foreseeable future.

Participants were also given access to both examples and experiences from the Swedish Employment Service and the Swedish Tax Agency, two authorities working to increase the digital interaction to create better service and accessibility while streamlining internal processes. Several lectures during the day were about something that Ekan Management's consultants often come into contact with - the difficulty of going from word to action and leading the business in the change projects that digitization entails in terms of routines, working methods and governance and management.

An important theme during the day was “Governance with confidence” linked to the trust reform that the government emphasizes, which is that government control should be based on trust and confidence. We at Ekan Management are very positive about the governance issues in the state being discussed in this way. We have since the beginning worked to ensure that governance and management models are permeated by trust, trust and transparency. In the role of representative of the Beyond Budgeting Institute (, we collaborate with a number of companies and organizations to develop both approaches and governance models in this direction.

This year, too, we received many interesting conversations at our booth, and many of them were about dynamic control of government agencies and companies. We also met a great interest in continuing the work of developing the economist / controller role and that the support functions' working methods need to be renewed. We're on Ekan Management look forward to continuing our efforts to help our customers develop in these areas.

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