Digitization and e-services for increased quality

On November 3-5 attended Ekan Management, as exhibitor and seminar host, at Kvalitetsmässan on Swedish fair in Gothenburg. This year's fair was marked by the ongoing refugee crisis in Sweden and Europe, but also by discussions and solutions for increased quality through digitalisation and e-services.

The conversations in our booth showed a great interest in how an organization can get digital solutions in place and work effectively. In collaboration with our customers from Local government in the City of Gothenburg and Nacka municipality, arranged Ekan Management two well-attended seminars on the development of processes and roles in connection with new IT systems and the modern and proactive support function.

Leadership in healthcare was another topic in the seminar program that attracted many participants. Here, challenges are highlighted in the form of demographic changes, scarce resources and hard-pressed managers and employees. Challenges that include the development of both overall governance models and management support as well as operational business processes and appropriate IT solutions. The participants also talked about quality in their meeting with the elderly. This perspective must have a greater focus to ensure that what is promised in governance documents, value words and leadership is really applied.

In summary, we got to experience three very rewarding days with many interesting conversations with both old and new acquaintances.

If you are interested in hearing more about the seminars we arranged during the fair contact:

The modern and proactive support function - Evelina Kambre Öberg, 08-5224 9151.

Development of processes and roles in connection with new IT systems - Christoffer Mathiasson, 031-761 60 23.

The Quality Fair is Europe's largest conference and trade fair in the area of business and community development. This year's edition attracted around 5900 trade show visitors.

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