Economists are taking the next step towards the economy function of the future

- This was exactly what we needed. We were ready to take the finance function and the role of the economist one step ahead, but we weren't quite sure where we wanted to go. After this training, we have received both inspiration and tools to be able to continue working. So says Carolina Sinander, unit manager for finance and procurement at Region Gotland.

Another participant wrote in the evaluation:
- An extremely good course, with knowledgeable and enthusiastic lecturers. Best in at least 10 years!

The course Economist as an Analyst was developed from an EU project, but now takes place within the framework of the Association of Municipal Economists, KEF. Ekan Management has held the course for almost 5 years and educated over 700 economists in the public sector around Sweden. We are constantly working to improve both content and pedagogy. Our goal is for the course participants to leave and become both challenged and developed.

- There is a need in the organizations for the economist to reduce the backward-looking perspective and instead take his place in development issues and be able to support the managers. This course is a way for them to get additional tools in this development, says Helena Sjöholm at KEF.
Course participants appreciate the mixture of theory and practice, where examples from their own activities are often used as a starting point in the discussion.

At Ekan Management, we are pleased with the response we have received and look forward to meeting more economists who want to strengthen their forward-looking analysis during upcoming course opportunities. Are you interested in participating in the training or do you want a tailor made effort for your unit? Contact Christian Maloney, tel. 031 761 60 22,

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