Effective management and control with the support of BI

November 13 invites precio into an inspirational and free breakfast seminar in Stockholm. Ekan Management Rikard Olsson is included as a guest speaker under the heading: From information to value-creating decision basis.

Seminar Content:

From information to value-creating decision bases
Unpredictability and increased market complexity place increasingly demands on companies and organizations to act faster on new conditions. At the same time, the information flow is growing explosively and the possibilities of technology do not seem to find any limits. How should we be able to handle all this information and take advantage of it for effective management and control of the business? In this presentation, Rikard Olsson describes, Ekan Management, how you and your organization take you from information overflow to value-creating decision-making.

The road to a successful BI project
On the basis of the needs and challenges of the business, many view the technical solution only as the path to the decision basis. To enable a value-creating decision base, a mapping of business-critical concepts and information structure is required. In many cases the basic problem is lack of data quality - unstructured information, lack of validation etc. Tomas Bark, precioPrecio, describes the path to a successful BI project, which gives you the opportunity to create analytical data in the form of predictive analyzes, scenarios and real-time analyzes with the correct information base.

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