Experience and insights on digital transformation

October 24th held Ekan Management a seminar on digital transformation in the Gothenburg office for, among other things, IT managers, CIOs, project managers and business developers. During engaged discussions, many important points and issues were raised. These we now take with us in our continued work in this area. There is a big gap between the companies and organizations that have a digital strategy plan and those who have put these plans in place (87% has digital strategy plans versus 38% that have actually implemented these for established companies). These figures show that there is an insight into the need, but also some delusion.

"The sooner the digital journey begins, the better, which is something all parties agree on"

One thing that was made clear in our meeting is that many digital initiatives are started without a concrete business case. Digital transformation is described by many as a journey of change that requires 1) clear leadership, 2) perseverance, 3) resources with the right skills and 4) an overall digital strategy. The uncertainty about how to tackle such a challenge hinders many initiatives. Many also recognize them cultural challenges that digital transformation is facing. However, all parties agree that it is a necessary journey that must be made if the business is to maintain its competitiveness. The earlier the journey begins, the better.

Are you curious about how we at Ekan Management work with digital transformation? We help businesses take the first steps with initial needs and maturity analyzes, to reach goals with initiated initiatives and to create a coherent plan going forward to reach the next level. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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