Great interest in Beyond Budgeting in Western business

On October 23, spoke Ekan Management Knut Fahlén is preparing for a full breakfast meeting on the theme of Beyond Budgeting. Organizer was West Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The invitation had gone out to all members of the Chamber of Commerce and the 60 seats were quickly filled with another 20 on the queue list.

The subject that attracted so many was Beyond Budgeting. Knut began by describing the origins of the budget with the then conditions in the world, the market and organizations. He then moved on to today's highly uncertain and changing reality to highlight why traditional budgetary management has played its part. "What many companies are looking for today is a more dynamic control that allows them to better adapt to the outside world," says Knut.

The audience offered many recognizable smiles and experiences from their organizations. Many people testify to the fact that the budget is time-consuming. "We spend 40 percent of our time on the budget, and it's obsolete all the time," was one comment. Someone else brought up the difficulty of changing such a strong institution as the budget process is in their organization.

A number of questions were concerned with how concrete steps should be taken to develop their business in this direction. Knut then emphasized that Beyond Budgeting is not a recipe without every organization having to make their journey. However, there are many tools and plenty of expertise and experience to help in the process.

If you have questions and are looking for guidance on how you and your organization can develop in the area, you are most welcome to contact any of us.

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