Network meeting for innovation in health care

Arranged on February 10 Center for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) at Chalmers University of Technology, a network meeting aimed at reducing the gap between research and practice. Ekan Management Kajsa Karlsson was one of the total 120 invited participants with links to care and / or care-related improvement work.

The participants were welcomed by Head of Department Maria Elmquist and Chairman of the Health and Medical Board Jonas Andersson. Svante Lifvergran, Andreas Hellström and Bo Bergman from CHI then began the lecture with a brief summary of the work with CHI and the West Swedish care system. There it was told, among other things, what happens to the improvement skills when different knowledge domains are linked in healthcare, what effect CHI's courses have had on development work and how action research can lead to a narrow gap between research and practice for development purposes.

After a short mingle break, it was time for the invited speakers to take a seat on the stage. Here, too, the importance of participatory methods and action research was discussed to reduce the gap between research and practice. Professor Martin Marshall summarized that in development and improvement work in health care we face two major challenges:

“Improvement activities are insufficiently influenced by science. Science is insufficiently focused on the needs of those undertaking improvement activities ”.

Finally, two real-life examples were presented in which improvement work was permeated by patient focus, participation and collaboration.

On Ekan Management's side, we would like to thank the organizer and other participants for a very interesting and educational day and look forward to continuing to contribute to the development of health care.


Is improvement a science? - Professor Martin Marshall, University College London.

Integrated care - Marianne Alärd, Development Manager Local Care Skaraborg and Coordinator Local Care Western Skaraborg.

Dialogue and learning as a form of development - Nils Conradi, Head of Operations, Regional Cancer Center West.

About CHI:

The Center for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) is a center formation at Chalmers University of Technology that conducts research and education in the improvement, innovation and transformation of health care. Residing at the Department of Technology Economics and Organization at Chalmers, there is expertise in subject areas such as quality development, logistics, production planning, innovation and organizational learning.

CHI's goal is, together with Swedish health care, to create and disseminate research-based and action-oriented knowledge about how we can achieve better and safer health care. CHI also wants to contribute to the professional development in the management and development of health care. To achieve this goal, CHI focuses on two parts - research and education.

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