New education in Trust-based Financial and Business Management

In October, we will launch a new education in collaboration with Dagens Samhälle / Dagens Medicin on the theme of Trust-based Financial and Business Management. Course leader is our nestor in the field, Knut Fahlén, senior management consultant at Ekan and ek.dr. in Business Administration at the University of Gothenburg School of Business.

It is obvious that not least resource-heavy public activities, such as health and care, are facing a significant change in how the activities are managed, managed and followed up. New Public Management (NPM) has reached the end of the road - perhaps not in terms of potential, but definitely in terms of how it turned out. Now requires more dynamic management, trust-based leadership, more efficient resource allocation, rolling forecasts that provide control, etc.

This training aims to provide knowledge and inspiration to you with financial responsibility in public activities to develop financial management away from traditional budget management and instead create a trust-based, dynamic financial and operational management that promotes collaboration and efficiency and better takes into account unforeseen events.

The first opportunity is October 12 (full day). Registration for the course is made either via Today's Medicine or Today's society.