Round Table Digital Purchasing

March 28 invites Ekan Management into roundtable discussions on the theme Digital purchasing and the benefits of digital purchasing processes. During the roundtable, we highlight which parts of the purchasing process are suitable for digitalisation and how this can be done. We illustrate what standards of digital commerce exist and how they can be applied in your organization. The focus of the conversation is around the benefits that exist as a result of digital procurement processes and how they can be realized in the organization.

We will cover both e-procurement, e-commerce and e-invoicing. We discuss the path to digital purchasing and discuss success factors and common pitfalls. All participants receive documentation and a useful link library.

Ekan's purchasing experts are the call managers Maria Lilja and Niclas Hjerdin.

Maria has since 2006 worked with strategic purchasing, public procurement, digital procurement processes (e-procurement and e-commerce) as well as the development of purchasing operations and purchasing organizations in leading roles. Among other things, she has had assignments as project manager for Stockholm city wide introduction of e-commerce and worked as an expert on digitalisation of purchases at procurement Agency.

Niclas has held positions in purchasing, organizational development and integration for 20 years and has extensive experience from both Swedish and international industry. He has worked with leading and developing strategic, operational and global purchasing organizations and also with implementation and adaptation of supportive system solutions.

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Time: March 28, 8-10am

Location: Ekan Management, Styrmansgatan 2 in Stockholm

Registration: Via email to

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