Ekan - Winner of the year for the SMK Award in Consulting Excellence

At the trade association Swedish Management Consultants 50th Anniversary awarded Ekan Management a prize for the best accomplished management consulting assignment. The award is a confirmation for us that Ekan's customer promises, challenge, involve and realize, creates tangible customer benefit in our assignments.

The winning consulting assignment was carried out together with Local health in the Västra Götaland region, an organization with 104 health centers, 6,000 employees and about 100 health centers managers.

The consultancy assignment together with the client in spring 2016 developed an educational tool to increase the understanding of the factors driving revenue and costs at a health care center. The tool enables managers and employees to understand and discuss in a simple and pedagogical way the link between compensation systems and the company's income and costs.

CFO and project commissioner Per Nyström comments on the result:

 - The model has been very well received by the operations managers. It provides a greater understanding of how business benefits can also be achieved through a business benefit. Finance is a reflection of the business. The model is used, among other things. in training of managers and we are convinced that it will be an important component of increased business acumen.

If you want to know more about the work, contact Rikard Olsson, Head of Business Area Strategy & Business Management, or Petra Lundgren, Head of Project Manager at Ekan Management.

rikard.olsson@ekan.com, 031-761 60 25

petra.lundgren@ekan.com, 031-761 60 11

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