Ekan Management at the Nordic Workshop in Financial Management

For the 23rd time in the order, the Nordic Workshop in Financial Management was organized, this time in Linköping. Representatives from 14 universities and colleges met to present and discuss research results in various formats - from draft articles to finished publications. Ekan Management was in place through Knut Fahlén and Helena Blomberg with the aim of monitoring the latest research trends and participating in the discussions. Ekan's own contribution to the presentations came from Knut Fahlén, and his book Dynamic Management Strategy.

The day started with a presentation and discussion about different instruments, how these interact and what the boundary looks like between financial management and business management. The next topic was about accounting information and how the perception of its value varies within and between operations depending on various factors. With today's digitization possibilities comes a great deal of resources, and thus it is possible to discern a nuance of the classic definition of economics that the doctrine of housekeeping of scarce resources. Since there are many resources that cannot be utilized, or that are hidden, financial management should rather be about how we handle the alleged surplus of resources.

Examples of other topics that were discussed and problematized during the day are the need for standardized sustainability reporting, integrations between financial management systems and risk management systems, the importance of the reader's prerequisites for interpreting calculations (and thus not just the power of numbers), as well as trends and consequences of so-called employee-controlled development (example "Google Friday").

If you are curious to hear more about the latest trends, contact Knut Fahlén or Helena Blomberg.

knut.fahlen@ekan.com 073-442 47 71

helena.blomberg@ekan.com 070-300 64 10

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